Tahini Tomato Sumac Salad

Tahini Tomato Sumac Salad Spice TribeTahini Tomato Sumac Salad Spice TribeTahini Tomato Sumac Salad Spice Tribe

Nadia Hubbi  @sweetpillarfood  www.sweetpillarfood.com


If anyone saw me in person when I was first introduced to @spicetribe sumac then I probably opened the bottle and made you smell it because I have not smelled sumac this amazing since I was physically in Damascus so many years ago.


Sumac is derived from the Aramaic word which means “dark red”.  The spice is from a red berry that is found in places like Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, parts of Iran, and other parts across the Mediterranean.   It is a staple spice in a middle eastern kitchen used on anything from meats, to salads, to drinks. In my own kitchen, Spice Tribe Sumac is probably my most used spice.


Years ago, I was invited to speak at the Good Foods Award, in San Francisco after winning the Good Foods Award for my mom’s red pepper dip, Muhammara. Good Food Awards celebrates responsible food companies and builds widespread support for farmers and growers. I am passionate about ethically sourced ingredients and the importance of responsible retail which is why I fell in love with Spice Tribe.





  1. Mix tahini, garlic, lemon, water, 1 tsp sumac, & salt in a small mixing bowl
  2. add tahini to bottom of the plate
  3. add cut tomatoes & mint on top
  4. generously sprinkle with sumac and garnish

Things to remember

  • If tahini is too thick and not creamy, add cold water 1 Tbsp at a time.
  • If tahini dressing is too liquidy, add more tahini to thicken it up
  • Adjust salt to taste