Peach and Serrano Pepper Salad with Burrata

by Dale Gray  @thedaleyplate

Nothing beats this salad come summertime. It’s the perfect marriage of sweet, juicy, spicy and salty and it’ll be a hit at your next barbecue party. I didn’t expect it but many of you asked whether the peaches were cooked or raw. For us, fresh and very ripe raw peaches at their peak are best in this salad but you can absolutely grill them first if that’s what you enjoy. I’ve never loved cooking any kind of fruit, unless we are making South African peach chutney or using it in a marinade like this easy bulgogi made with apples.

I’ve used serrano peppers in this recipe because they are milder in flavor, feel free to substitute with jalapenos or even just red pepper flakes. The burrata can be replaced with fresh mozzarella slices, some have made it with ricotta salata and other readers have used fresh goats cheese. Burrata is mild and creamy and absolutely will benefit from a sprinkling of smoked sea salt and freshly cracked pepper whenever you use it.

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes

Serves: 4



  1. Arrange peach slices on a large plate or platter.
  2. Carefully tear the burrata open, and place dollops of the cheese around the peaches
  3. Sprinkle with smoked salt, fresh pepper and olive oil then add serrano pepper slices and herbs.
  4. Best served immediately

Things to remember

  • If making ahead, omit herbs and cover tightly with cling wrap or foil, then refrigerate for maximum 30 minutes and add herbs right before serving.